Trying to keep cost down?

Here are some tips to help


Everyone loves to cut costs, so they have more money for the other fun things. This is the same for business owners as well. We are all trying to make a profit for our family, community and reinvest in our businesses. Here are some ways to try to keep cost down for your business and your family.


You may have heard of this before, but I really want to recommend that you join them. This has been easy for me to do. They have a chrome plugin that I uploaded to my browser. Every time I land on a website where I can get some a “rebate” for shopping there they let me know. I also can use an app to purchase items. There is also an app that allows you to also use in the store when available. This also sometimes has a higher rebate on the app as well. I just have to “activate” it when I am on the site that I want to shop from. They take care of everything else.

You receive your rebates in your PayPal account or you can have them send you a check. A few of the merchants that I have used the program include GoDaddy, Amazon, and Group On. There is no cost to join and you can get money back! It is a win-win here! They often also have a sign-up incentive for $10.00. You can find the current special here

Mileage IQ

Okay this is something that has really made my life easier as a business owner and for my family. This is an app that is FREE if you only need a little bit but I highly suggest that you purchase the unlimited version. It runs $5.99 a month or $59.99 a year. This will track your mileage and you do not have to activate it. The app will allow categorizing your mileage, business or personal. And you can even add more categories. You will be able to give your accountant the information they need to help with your taxes and tracking of mileage. It is easy to use and easy for reporting to the IRS or your boss.

Using Local Business

I have spent countless hours and money on trying to work with someone who was not local to me. I know this may not be what you would think about when it comes to saving money, but it is a big factor. Often I had ordered or bought something online to only find out that it did not look the way I expected it to. The example I am going to share is getting business cards done. I spent hours trying to make something online that I liked and wanted to order. Everything looked the same to me and I wanted it to be different. I walked into my local printer and we worked together to get the card just right. He even showed me a printed proof of the product. Yes, they weren’t 9.99 for 500, but I got customer service and design and in this case the same day. Yes, I spent more, but I got more. Yes, I was able to spend my money in my community with another business owner. That was a priceless exchange. They are also now more willing to help me to grow my business. That is how our community should work.

So please find a local event where you find some great business to do business with. They may just do business with you. You can also find some great businesses listed in our Lone Star Business Directory! We are constantly adding new businesses. We would love to have you join our directory. 




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