Pitch Investors From Your Smartphone!

Pitch to investors from your phone


The 30 Second App will allow you to pitch investors from your smartphone

Entrepreneurs want to be able to share their ideas with investors as quickly and efficiently as possible, and now they have the ability to do so without spending a dime.

The 30-second pitch is an application that can be downloaded for free in the App Store on your laptop, iPad or smartphone. It’s simple. All you do is record yourself pitching an idea, submit it, and a group of qualified investors will watch and possibly invest in your idea.

“This is a platform for turning someone’s dream idea into a reality,” Joseph Sprung, President and Founder of the 30-second pitch, LLC said.

“Anybody anywhere can have an idea, pitch it to a group of qualified vetted investors and possibly receive the investment need to get their company up and running.”

Joseph Sprung President and Founder of 30-Second Pitch

Sprung believes this will help those who lack the resources to get face-to-face with a group of investors the ability to do so by simply downloading the app. He wants the ability for a person to gain capital for an idea who may not be well connected.

What 30-second pitch prides its self on is the ability to see a wide range of daily pitches. Each pitch will be looked at carefully by experts in that field to determine the next best step for their idea.

“So far we’ve received a large number of pitches, and believe the ideas presented by these entrepreneurs will be at the forefront of the business community,” Sprung said. “We think there will be many success stories from this, and most importantly we want to connect local businesses with each other to provide the best outcome.

“If something isn’t up our investors alley, we will connect the entrepreneur with the necessary resources to get the most out of their venture.”

Even if your idea does not match up with the investors looking at your pitch, 30-second pitch strives to get you connected to a group that has a vested interest in your idea.

“One of the things that we do best is even if something isn’t up our alley, we will connect people to people,” Sprung said. “We definitely have a great platform to let local businesses owners help each other succeed.

“Whether you’re opening a boutique in California or a boat sales shop in Florida, 30 seconds and our app is all you need.” It may just be the tool you need to get your business started or growing. Give it a try and let us know here at Lone Star Business in the comments below!


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