Looking for an office, but not sure?

Co-working, Virtual, Private, Executive Suites or Home?


Not Sure What Type of Office?

There are many different options in today’s business world. In the past, if you wanted an office you had to rent an office building or full suite to get an office. Not anymore. There are many different options available today for the entrepreneur and small business owner


Many business and entrepreneurs start at home or the “garage”. This is typically where past entrepreneurs were their only option because of the cost of getting an office was so steep. There are still many that work from home today. Some like it and some can’t wait until they can get an office of their own.

Working from home has its challenges of all the distractions around you, laundry, kids, TV, favorite hobby and more. Home offices also make it hard to connect with others. There is no water cooler to stand around and chat with someone. Also, you don’t necessarily want to have visitors at your home for business purposes. Working from home has its perks as well. The commute is short and you have your favorite foods and snacks. You can also work in your pajamas, duckie slippers and nobody would ever know.

Virtual Offices 

Estimated Price Range $50 to $400 a month

This is the in-between option. If you work from home and want to stay home, you can choose a virtual office option. This option typically gives you a business address as a base of operations for your business. Most virtual office packages will also have the opportunity to use meeting and office space on an on-demand service.


Estimated Price Range $250 to $600 a month

That sounds weird, doesn’t it? It is a word that has been used to describe a common space where individuals can work together. Now for some people, this is ideal. All you have to do is bring your laptop, find a spot and get started and then you have to take everything home. The easiest analogy is like going to the library to work, but you can talk with others. These spaces allow the community of the coworking space to meet and mingle. This is also sometimes called Hot Desk area.Some facilities have unlimited days and some have limited days for you to be able to work on site. 

These office spaces can be great for those who like the community feel and want to feed off the energy of the room. They also provide spots that are usually tucked away where you can work or speak to someone in a meeting. Most of the spaces also offer meeting rooms, refreshments, and some other amenities. This option also gives you an address for mail. In many times you can also use the address as your business address even on Google.

Web Hosting

Dedicated Desk or Space

Estimated Price Range $350 to 600 a month

A dedicated desk or space is often a level available above co-working space. This means you have your own desk in the space. In many cases, you are able to leave the computer, files, etc at your desk. However, you are still in a room with many other dedicated desk businesses. Many dedicated spaces are quiet spaces as well. Each facility handles them a little differently. They can be a great choice for someone who looks to have an office to go to and meet clients and potential clients.

Private Office

Estimated Price Range $ 600 and up a month

Now with private offices, this can vary from facility to facility. Both are available at various facilities. I have visited locations where it is a very traditional office where you can rent an individual suite. Then I have also visited sites that you the whole floor has glass windows that separate the offices. All are private, but different feels and communities that surround them.  These private offices also offer a variety of sizes from one desk to whole floors in the facilities.


Incubators are something that you may come across why looking for space. These are traditionally for startups and more like a boot camp for businesses. They are often associated with colleges and economic development initiatives with the government. Sometimes they are open to the public, but most I have found there is a selection process to be able to participate in the community.

How do I choose?

You need to go and visit some of them, to find out exactly what you would like and that fits you and your business. These spaces have sprung up all over. Just use the search terms of “co-working” and you should get a variety of options.

Be sure to visit each space and find the right community for you and your business.



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