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Kid Made, Kid Owned


Kid Made, Kid Owned

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Ten-year-old Charlie Kobdish is a Dallas area 5th grader with business in his blood. Charlie has a history of selling different things and just recently started his business, Charlie’s Treats, that specializes in selling spiced pecans.

He started the business in November of 2017 as a way to earn extra money instead of doing chores and credits his dad to giving him the idea to start his own business. Charlie’s family helps him in the business but his dad, Dr. Chuck Kobdish stated, “Charlie is the brand, and he’s involved in every decision. It’s his business. He makes the decisions, and he’s done a fine job.”

What are Charlie’s Treats?

Charlie's Treats BagsCharlie’s Treats is a home-based business and Charlie gets help from his mom, dad, and sister. Their main target consumers are local businesses that purchase spiced pecans as gifts for customers and employees. Charlie recently got his largest order of 120 bags of spiced pecans that a business purchased to give away as gifts. Charlie focuses on the local Dallas area but he also has plans to expand regionally, “I want to be able to sell in Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arizona,” he stated.

When asked what makes his pecans so special Charlie noted that the pecans are made in small batches without any preservatives. He stated that there are fewer products being made than larger manufacturers so he can inspect the pecans and provide better quality to consumers.

Future Plans

With the arrival of Spring, Charlie is planning on expanding his business to local farmer’s markets in the area and would like to start with selling at White Rock Lake Good Local Market which is a Farmer’s Market that is open on Saturdays.

Charlie stated that he hopes to also grow his business to include the use of a commercial kitchen. This would require a Food Manager License that his dad is currently working on getting by the end of March. Growing into a commercial kitchen has its own set of hurdles, though, in that Charlie’s Treats would no longer be under the cottage food laws and would need to practice food handling on a professional level.

The future hoops that Charlie and his family have to jump through aren’t deterring this 10-year-old from moving forward with this business though. As a natural salesman, Charlie stated that his greatest strength is selling things and persuading someone to buy something. His dad agreed, “He knows how to sell it,” and stated that Charlie has always been good at talking to people.

Shark Tank

Shark Tank Casting Call Charlie's Treats

Charlie used his communication skills while on a recent trip to audition for Shark Tank which is also his favorite business TV show to watch. He said that he had a great time at the audition and spoke to a lot of other entrepreneurs who enjoyed his spiced pecans. He gave his pitch to a Shark Tank staff member and stated that he wasn’t really nervous to do so.

Charlie stated that he plans to grow his sales in order to have the need for a commercial kitchen access to produce his spiced pecans. He has plans to expand into other nuts like almonds or cashews once he sees enough spiced pecan sales. Charlie is a fan of plain pecans but thinks that his spiced pecans are better, “Plain pecans are just boring. I mean you’ll eat them, but they are better when they taste good. If they do taste good anyone will buy them.”


Not only is Charlie a budding young entrepreneur, but he also gives back to his local community. Each year 5% of his profits go to charity and he had decided his charity choice this year is the White Rock Center of Hope in East Dallas.

Charlie is on his way to producing a high-quality product and has enough drive to become a very successful businessman. For now, Charlie is using his talent to talk to people about his business and expand Charlie’s Treats in the upcoming year. The future is bright for this young entrepreneur and Charlie’s Treats is the just the beginning of the success story for this well-spoken 10-year-old.

Want to meet this young man? Well here is your chance! He will be at the Meet East Dallas event! You can learn more about Charlie’s Treats and many other businesses at this event.

We are pleased to have met Charlie and his business. We look forward to meeting other young entrepreneurs! Do you know some entrerpreneurs that we should meet? If so, please let us know here. We are always looking for local business, events and more to share with our readers.

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    Thank you for putting together such a great article about Charlie! He really enjoyed the experience. May he inspire other young entrepreneurs! We have a great group of young people growing up in this world! 🙂

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